The AmTryke Road Show!

20 09 2012

Here at Advantec we support many different clients over a multitude of different industries. Our clients work in industries ranging from the Legal Industry to the Medical Industry. In order to best serve them, we always try to keep up with the current events that are happening in each individual history, especially when it involves our clients themselves!

One of our clients, AMBUCS, is known for creating tricycles for children with special needs. As a non-profit organization, AMBUCS consists of a diverse group of people who are dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. 

We all remember being young and learning to ride a bicycle, but for some children with certain disabilities, they often do not get the chance to create this important memory. Thanks to the AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle, individuals who are unable to operate a standard bicycle can learn to ride and enjoy the experience. To date, over 15,000 AmTrykes have been distributed, most being purchased through volunteer donations and many simply donated.  The tricycles are so unique because they can be hand and/or foot operated and accommodate various degrees of physical limitations. 

Another service that AMBUCS is dedicated to is their scholarship program for therapy students in their junior or their senior year. They have awarded scholarships to over 14,000 students pursuing degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and audiology. The total amount in scholarships that they have awarded thus far totals over $7.7 million dollars.



This amazing organization has a recent event coming up that we thought our readers and friends would like to know about. The event is called the AmTryke Road Show, which is a collection of events held throughout the year and across the country that has a goal of creating awareness among therapy professionals of their program. An AmTryke trailer filled with equipment and accessories is brought to organizations such as clinics, rehabs, and children’s hospitals. Each stop on the road show can include an in-service training and/or a bike day event.

For more information about an event coming to your area, check their Events Calendar page! It should be an amazing event and you get the chance to help an amazing cause! As always, for more information about our clients and our products, visit Advantec’s Website

New technology — causes a new look at mobile business applications

10 10 2009

Historically business has wanted field deployed personnel to capture data at the point on customer interaction for at least the last 20 years.

There have been and continue to be many variations and ways of achieving this end.  To date all have been relatively expensive. 

They historically  broke down into three classes of use:

      Paper and transcribe

  • inexpensive to implement   ↑
  • costly to maintain – data transcription ↓
  • possible transcription errors ↓
  • latency — delay from collection to system input ↓

      Batch capture and upload

  • device expense  ↓
  • latency  – delay from collection to system input  ↓
  • communications availability  ↓

       Real time interaction

  • communications availability ↓
  • communications cost  ↓

 At the same time the internet has matured enabling direct customer involvement on the web reducing the need for field personnel in many areas / industries. (e.g. routine sales calls) 

Industries where the services are being performed (at least in part) by the field personnel still need mobile data devices.  (e.g route sales, home health care, inspection / estimation services,  delivery, field sales,  etc)

Time and technological improvements have vastly reduced the cost and availability of mobile devices and communications.  Thus causing a resurgence of interest in mobile solutions.

Now we can affordably combine the best of all of these improvements to provide Hybrid Mobile solutions that:

  • capture while offline  — costs ↓ 
    • notebooks
    • netbooks
    • pocket hotspots
  • are real time when connected online — counnications costs ↓ 
    • smart phones (blackberry, IPhone, IPod touch)
    • WIFI
    • 3G/4G networks
  • upload off line captured data whenever you go on line — communications avaialbility ↑ 
    • Public WIFI
    • Home internet widespread
  • and deliver local hard copy or on screen advices via the internet.  ↑

 Our ATEC2GO, AT-e-Commerce  and e-Server Modules enable these mobility solutions for our clients. Call one of our consultants or agents to discuss how AdvanTec Information  Systems, LLC can enable your field personnel and improve your process and bottom line.

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