Local Client Giving Back to Community

22 08 2012

We here at Advantec are proud to support one of our loyal clients, AMBUCS. AMBUCS is a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are “dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.”

There are three ways in which this amazing organization gives back. The first is through various forms of community service. This program is known as the AmBility program- a name that combines AMBUCS and Mobility. This program was adopted in 1998 and is focused on equipment and processes. One of the projects in this program is the AmTryke Project. AMBUCS chapters have provided more that 6,000 trykes to children with disabilities. Another project is the Ramp Building project. Members and volunteers build ramps to create accessible homes and businesses. The third project in this program is the Accessible Playgrounds project. Building and refurbishing playgrounds that can be used by children with disabilities. It involves adding universal usage playground equipment or building an entirely new playground.

The second program that Ambucs offers is the AmTryke program. Mentioned earlier, this program distributes trykes to children with disabilities. What is interesting is that these trykes are specially made to be powered by using your hands instead of your feet, so those with disabilities have no problem riding one just like a child should! So far, over 15,300 AmTrykes have been distributed around the world. A majority of the trykes are purchased by volunteer members of the AMBUCS organization and donated to those who would not otherwise have one.

The third program AMBUCS offers is the Scholarship Award Program for therapists. In the 2012-2013 school year alone, AMBUCS awarded over $150,000 in scholarships. Image

This amazing organization is located right in our own backyard in High Point, North Carolina. We are proud to support an organization that does so much for the community and helps so many people! For more information on AMBUCS, visit their website at http://www.ambucs.com. You can also call them and “like” them on facebook!

Exoskeleton Helps Toddler Play For First Time

22 08 2012

A two year old named Emma was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis, where she was born incapable of moving her arms. The devastated family was at a loss for what to do, and relentlessly searched for information about the condition and how they could help their daughter. 

While most of the doctors in the industry said she would not be able to move her arms, there were a few dedicated professionals who sought to disprove this fact and continue to look for alternative ways to help people with this disease. One of these individuals was Doctor Tariq Rahman. The family met Rahman when Emma’s mother heard about a conference in Philadelphia that was all about Arthrogryposis. 

At the conference, families of patients come to meet each other and share information. It was here that Rahman introduced the Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton to the families. Since the condition makes it near impossible for the patient to move their arms, a metal exoskeleton was created to aid the patients. Using this exoskeleton, the movement of the arms is made easier.

Rahmna invited Emma and her family to his workshop, and here Emma was given a chance to use the exoskeleton. For the first time, Emma was able to lift her hands up to her mouth. What is even more amazing is the way in which this exoskeleton is created. A new phenomena known as 3D printing enables the engineer to create the item on the computer, specify its dimensions and attributes, and then print the item! So if a piece of the exoskeleton ever breaks, all they need to do is re-print the same piece again!

Emma and her family are currently fully accustomed to the exoskeleton, with Emma referring to them as her “Magic Arms.” One day, the doctors came by to make a few edits to the exoskeleton. When they removed them from Emma, she cried out “I want those!” It was then that her mother started crying, because that was her first sentence.

If those in the medical industry just settled for average, experiences like this would never be possible. With technology advancing every second, the possibilities for the future really are endless. We at Advantec are proud to support people in this industry. They not only save lives, but change them completely. 

To see a short video about Emma’s journey, visit Fox 19’s Video.

For more information on how Advantec software can help businesses in this industry, visit us at theAdvantec WebpageImage

More On Olympians Overcoming Medical Problems

21 08 2012

The Olympic Games have the power of making the most average citizen a patriot of their country. Millions of Americans tuned in to watch the Olympics, routing for their home team and admiring the athletic ability of the athletes. Oscar Pistorius, from South Africa, was an inspiration to all. Born a double amputee, he inspired people around the world to never let barriers stop you from achieving your dreams. With the attention Pistorius received, few realized that a hero was overcoming a similar feat, one from our own land.

Shannon Boxx is an American Soccer player for the women’s soccer team in the Olympics. Since 2007, Boxx was diagnosed with Lupus. She was a mere 30 years old, and playing for the U.S. National Team. The warning signs showed up in the form of fatigue, muscle soreness, and joint pain. 


She played in the recent Olympic Games, competing for her country. Over 4.3 million people tuned in to see the game between the Japanese and the Americans, in which the Americans prevailed. It wasn’t until April of 2012 that she went public with her diagnosis, and now she is working with the Lupus Foundation of America to create awareness about this disease.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects about 1.5 million people in the U.S. alone. The body produces auto-antibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue. The immune system cannot differentiate between healthy cells or unhealthy cells, so it attacks them all. This leads to inflammations which cause a great deal of pain. 

There are hundreds of thousands of chronic diseases that affect everyone from the average joe to an elite Olympian. People in industries such as the medical, Assisted care, and Personal care industries are key to ensuring that the lives of these people can go on as planned without interference from a force that is outside of their control. Whether you are born with a disease or develop it later in life, it does not need to affect your daily activities. 

We here at Advantec support numerous companies over a multitude of industries. We are proud to be able to provide care givers a program that enables them to spend less time at the front desk and more time with their patients.

For more information on Lupus, visit http://www.lupus.org/. To learn more about Boxx’s ability to overcome obstacles, visit http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/16/health/olympic-soccer-boxx-lupus/index.html?hpt=he_bn1. And lastly, for more information about purchasing a custom tailored program that can fit your business’s every need, visit http://www.findsocialservicesoftware.com.

The Medical Industry- Field Hospitals In Syria

21 08 2012

One of our favorite things to read about is the passion of professionals in the medical industry. As a supporter of clients who work in this industry (Assisted Living, Personal Care, Mental Health) we love to hear about how dedication brings amazing results.

This international team of doctors turned a home that was under construction into a secret field hospital. Here they spent two months treating wounded persons. These people would travel for two days just to reach this small group of physicians. 


It took over a week to turn the location into a satisfactory field hospital. The aid group that sent this team there is known as the Medecins Sans Prontieres, which in English means “Doctors WIthout Borders.” What an appropriate name! The team consisted of about seven foreigners and fifty Syrians. To avoid any trouble, they did alert the Syrian government as to their plan, but left out the location. It was reported that the government did not appreciate their presence.

Doctors on scene reported that conditions were growing increasingly dire. Nearly all of the patients were victims of the fighting. About 60% of them were suffering from an explosion and about 40% from gunshot wounds. Although the field hospital was only 15 miles away, many took backroads to avoid passing military checkpoints and operations, making the trek last a little over two days. 

Many similar field hospitals are springing up across the country, but few are as well equipped as this one. The hospital contains about a dozen beds, a sterilization room, an operating room, a recovery room, and a resuscitation room. Hospitals around the country with fewer resources even started sending their own patients there.

France, at one time Syria’s colonial ruler, even began sending out their own doctors earlier in the week. They are also at the forefront of the diplomatic efforts to end the civil war in Syria.

Thanks to countries and individuals such as the ones mentioned in this story, some faith can be restored in the morality of our modern world. Those in the medical industry are often the kindest, humblest, and most charitable individuals. This world needs more people like them, especially with all of the fighting and violence in today’s world. 

We here at Advantec work hard to make the perfect software for professionals in the medical industry. We strive to make the running of a medical organization and the handling of paperwork so easy that the least time is spent doing office work, and the most time is spent doing field work and with patients. We specialize in the Assisted Care, Personal Care, Mental Health, and Group Home sub-industries. We are always so proud of the clients we support, and the future clients we are eager to take on.

For more information about this event in Syria, visit http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/team-doctors-set-secret-syria-field-hospital-17048231#.UDOamKllTHo. For more information about Advantec’s CSM Software for the Health Industry, visit http://www.findsocialservicesoftware.com. We are always here to help!


Real Estate Law- Eviction In Spain

20 08 2012

An interesting news story could be found in the Global Post’s headlines today. As of recent, Spain’s harsh laws are causing an eviction epidemic which is forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, leaving their houses empty.


After the housing bubble burst in 2008, over 3,000,000 houses remain abandoned in the country.All of this has been caused by the credit crunch, rising rates, and severe unemployment.Unlike US law, in Spain banks have the right to evict debtors from their residences AND to require the debtors to pay the debt in full even after they seize the place of residence.

The problem these people are facing is that now not only do they not have a place to live, but their debt is now so high that it would be nearly impossible to take out a new loan to pay for a new place, or to even have any sort of real estate agent sell them a new place of residence knowing their current financial situation.

One woman by the name of Marisol is suffering tremendously due to these harsh laws. Her husband and her worked hard to make their monthly payments, and when the unemployment rate cost them their jobs they were unable to continue their payments. He then left her and their five children to fend for themselves. Marisol, in desperation, is currently seeking any help she can find to keep her and her children safe and sheltered.

People like Marisol spend their days standing outside the fourth largest bank in Spain, known as Bankia. They argue that these banks have already received over $29 million dollars from these houses they possessed, so it should not be necessary to continue to collect debts if they already made so much money off of the homes themselves. With the unemployment rate at 25%, these people have nothing to lose. They are hoping that media coverage will help put pressure on the banks to stop what they are doing.

There exist some groups that are mostly comprised of volunteers that fight for the rights of these people. Some legal experts are volunteering to offer information to the citizens of Spain to try and help them regain their homes. It is at times like these where the lawyers of our world are so important.

Did you know that Advantec provides legal practice software? Did you know it not only strives to eliminate the use of paper, but also makes auditing and every day tasks simple and easy to complete? Its user interface is extremely navigable and it documents everything in an audit trail for later reference. By implementing software like this, CSM helps attorneys spend less time filing paperwork and more time with their clients, helping them to defend their rights and win cases. Cases such as Marisol’s, a single mother who has no where to turn but to the lawyers of our world who are the only ones we can trust to defend our rights.

For more information about CSM LAW software, visit our website at http://www.advantecis.com. Look under the “Products” tab for more information!


The Powerful Legal Industry- Peterson Trial 12th Day

17 08 2012

As a company who proudly supports our clients who work in the legal industry, we try to stay on top of the current news in their area of expertise! Today, there was much exciting news in the legal industry, including the case of Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. 

It seems like the prosecutors of the case got themselves into a bit of trouble! When Attorney James Glasgow and Assistant Attorney Kathleen Patton went to far and implied that Peterson had tried to stage the death scene, a loud “Objection” was heard from the room. The event ended in the two prosecutors apologizing to the judge. That was a big OOPS!

Today they saw five potential witnesses take the stand.Over the first three days of testimony, only three had appeared, so this is rather big news! One of the friends of the victim, Scott Rossetto, was allegedly building a relationship with Stacy shortly before her disappearance. He even told that Peterson had coaxed her into providing a false alibi for the weekend of Savio’s death!

A state-hired pathologist was called in to provide some insight on the case. The question remained: “Did she drown by accident or did someone cause it?” He cited that her injuries and the lack of substances in her system helped him reach the conclusion that this event was far from an accident.

This is where things get interesting. We love to see the drive and passion people in this industry have. Things got riled up when the defense attorney attacked Blum’s interpretation of the evidence. The pathologist acknowledged that DNA supporting the prosecution’s theory was never found. Wow!

Both the prosecution and the defense bring up such strong points that we often found ourselves not knowing if the defendant is guilty or innocent! Blum went further with his opinion and stated that a single fall could not have caused the distribution of injuries on her body. Also, there were no bruises on her arms and back, which would have been expected from a fall. 

What was really interesting is that this case would have gone completely unnoticed if not for the disappearance of Peterson’s second wife! Savio’s death was first treated as an accident, but after his fourth wife (Stacy) disappeared, her body was exhumed and it was Blum who performed the second autopsy!

Attorneys who are so dedicated to their clients deserve a company who is so dedicated to their needs! We recognize the fact that the more time attorneys spend working on the cases, the more success they will have! So in order to help them do that, we made for them an easy to use, easy to navigate, and custom tailored software packages that will ensure less time will be spent on paperwork, and more time on their cases!

More information about CSM Law software can be found at the following link: 


Assisted Living- Making Lives Easier, and Saving Them!

14 08 2012

Here at Advantec we have many clients in the Assisted Care and Personal Care Industries. Through them, we have come to understand many aspects about these industries. We have been given a first hand chance to see just how important these people are to those with disabilities and physical limitations. We are proud to make software for this industry, and enjoy knowing that we are making these businesses more efficient and reliable for their clients!

Many people in this industry care for those with some rather serious medical issues, where there is no room for error. On September 30th of 2011, a woman by the name of Nancy was awaiting the arrival of her in-home caregiver. Her Caregiver, Virlyn, comes to Nancy’s residence each day to assist her with the activities of daily life.

Nancy receives 24/7 care, and Virlyn clocked in for her shift at 11pm. The first thing she did was to remind Nancy, who was a diabetic, to check her blood sugar levels. Being tired, Nancy declined, so Virlyn reminded her another 15 minutes later to at least try to check again.

Most people would brush this off as a mere incident of being tired, however, Virlyn is good at what she does and pays close attention to her patients. Being a knowledgeable employee, Virlyn knows that irritability is often a side effect of an insulin reaction. She waited another 15 minutes just to be sure, never leaving her side. When she attempted to wake Nancy again, she was incoherent, which she knew was a direct result of an insulin reaction, so she dialed 911 to seek further medical help.

When the paramedics arrived, her blood sugar levels were at 20, which is a near comatose condition. She was taken to the hospital and promptly treated, walking away from the incident with nothing but a minor scare and lots of gratitude!

It is workers like these that bring a huge smile to our faces and make us proud to work so hard for these people. The assisted care industry demands excellence, as was displayed by Virlyn. If it were not for her attentive care and swift actions, it was a fact that Nancy would not have survived the night. She could have just assumed the attendant with the shift before her had taken care of it, and walked off to do something else. Or she could have simply assumed Nancy was tired, and let her sleep instead of being so insistent. She was a hero that day, and we here at Advantec strive to do our jobs with the same attentiveness and care displayed by Virlyn and thousands of other workers in that industry.

Our support is nearly around the clock. We are always available online and through email, and work a longer than average workday to ensure that your questions are answered and your software is working properly. We know our clients by name, and exactly what their business does on a daily basis. This way, we are able to write software that is literally custom tailored to meet their individual needs. We even offer one on one support and care via remote desktop connection or telephone. We don’t just throw a training manual at you and say “Good luck!” We walk you through it, and answer all of your questions whenever you have them. You are always in good hands at Advantec!

For more information on a multitude of products that can help any business in this industry visit us at http://findsocialservicesoftware.com/index-2.html

Pro Se- For Our Friends In the Legal Industry

14 08 2012

As you may or may not know, Advantec does not only make software for the Mental Health, Group Home, and Personal/Assisted Care Industries. We branch out into many! One of which being the Legal Industry. We are proud to make software to support the people who protect our rights and help keep our country safe.

We want to help our friends in this industry. Unfortunately, some people take these studied professionals for granted! On November 12, 2008, a man made the awful mistake of trying to represent himself. This may work out well in movies, but trust us when we say that the people in the legal industry know what they are doing- and do it very well!

A non-lawyer (Aguilera) decided to file a lawsuit against a man (Christian) for damages and personal injuries sustained in a car accident. Apparently trying to save money, he figured “How hard could it be?” and chose to proceed with the trial pro se.

Aguilera filed the lawsuit, but did not personally sign the complaint which the case was based off of- the man’s neighbor signed it for him! The neighbor is a lawyer, but not licensed in the state of which the accident occurred. She actually signed Aguilera’s name on the complaint and wrote her initials above the signature! Long story short, case was dismissed and the man walked away with empty pockets and his tail between his legs.

We understand how important lawyers are, and we here at Advantec work hard to provide the most efficient, organized, and easy-to-use software to make sure that law firms can spend less time filing paperwork and more time helping their clients. When represented by a lawyer who uses CSM-LAW software, you can be sure that they will have more time to spend defending you, and defending your rights!

For information about our legal software you can always visit us at http://www.advantecis.com/PDFs/CSM_Law.pdf

And no, we do not object.

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