Corona Virus and Residential Care Facilities

16 03 2020


With Coronavirus(Covid-19) Pandemic and the susceptibility of residents in your charge.
The outbreak of Covid-19 in Oregon in an assisted living facility that has resulted in the death of 18 residents is both tragic and foreboding for all residential caregivers.
It is more important than ever to make sure that caregivers in your facilities protect themselves, the residents and you. Here are some ways that CSM (Client Services Management) can be utilized to assist.
• You and all your front office staff can all work from home
• You should have written/ updated sanitation guidelines (standard operation procedures – SOP) On Line
• Staff needs to review and sign off on these guidelines to not only document compliance but to make sure they are aware of what is required.
• Implement Heightened Sanitation measures and log compliance
• Maintain and record resident hygiene activities to encourage and help residents to protect themselves as well as record how they and staff follow recommended procedures.
• Use vital readings to take and record temperatures (perhaps every 4 hours) to detect early any potential infections.
• All resident Nursing Notes should be reviewed and flagged and annotated for Corona Virus at risk status — normal, high, extremely high
• All staff should be required to review and sign off on these revisions
• Site managers should have revised housekeeping review procedures as well to validate on going sanitation activities

Although CSM software can not cure or prevent any medical situation –
• It can be utilized to make sure that your staff has updated sanitation procedures in place and has reviewed and implemented them.
• It can be utilized to make sure that all staff are aware of resident susceptibility and vigilant in their efforts to help prevent infection and spread.

Our newest residential module release (9.0) incorporates all of these practices and more.
• Tracks staff review of nursing note changes
• Tracks staff review of service plan changes
• Tracks staff review of companywide notes (one way to broadcast SOP changes)
• Tracks/ logs and records resident hygiene activities
• Tracks/ logs and records vitals
• Tracks/logs and records medical, social events and mood by shift
• Tracks and records staff assigned sanitation chores



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