Determined To Walk Down The AIsle

27 09 2012

We here at Advantec are a company that aims to provide endless and continuous support to our clients in the medical and health industries. We enjoy hearing inspiring stories about those in this industry who help others to overcome their disabilities and achieve great success. One such story was just published about a 22 year old girl who is determined to make her dreams come true.

Alissa Boyle is a 22 year old nursing student in the state of West Virginia. Alissa was in a long term relationship with her boyfriend who had proposed to her on February 17th of this year. Overwhelmed and grateful, she was ready to get her nursing degree completed in a few weeks and to marry the love of her life. Three days later, her life changed forever.

She was on her way to Ruby Memorial Hospital when it happened. Riding with a fellow classmate, they noticed a man who had overturned his Jeep on the side of the overpass on the interstate and ran to help him. He was safely pulled from his vehicle by the two when someone shouted at them that a truck was coming. 

Alissa remembers turning around and seeing a semi truck coming right for them. With one split second to think, the two jumped over the edge of the overpass to avoid being hit by the oncoming truck. What they did not realize was that from the edge of the overpass to the ground was about 50 feet. 

She woke up in the hospital shortly after, and remembered being in an extraordinary amount of pain. The first thing the doctor told her is that she would never walk again, and that if she did her chances were less than 1% due to a severed spinal cord. The first thing she thought of was her wedding to her fiance. She was devastated that all her dreams of walking down the aisle were about to be crushed due to the fact she couldn’t do it herself. 

Today, Alissa is in a wheelchair, but she’s not giving up on her dreams so easily. She’s been going to physical therapy and the doctors even took a second look at her spinal cord, revealing that it wasn’t completely severed as the doctors first thought it was. Thanks to continuous physical therapy, she has regained feeling in her thighs, and she hopes this is only the beginning. 

Alissa’s wedding date is set for September 7th of 2013. She hopes to be able to walk down the aisle just as she has always dreamed. When asked if she regrets helping the man, she replies “not for one second.”  Stories like these are so inspirational to everyone in the world. The medical industry enables people to overcome their difficulties and save lives every single day, and we are so grateful to be able to support clients who help patients such as these.

For more information on Alissa’s story, visit WTAE’s Report! Their news story is touching and inspirational. For more information on our company visit the Advantec Website.



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