Real Estate Law- Eviction In Spain

20 08 2012

An interesting news story could be found in the Global Post’s headlines today. As of recent, Spain’s harsh laws are causing an eviction epidemic which is forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, leaving their houses empty.


After the housing bubble burst in 2008, over 3,000,000 houses remain abandoned in the country.All of this has been caused by the credit crunch, rising rates, and severe unemployment.Unlike US law, in Spain banks have the right to evict debtors from their residences AND to require the debtors to pay the debt in full even after they seize the place of residence.

The problem these people are facing is that now not only do they not have a place to live, but their debt is now so high that it would be nearly impossible to take out a new loan to pay for a new place, or to even have any sort of real estate agent sell them a new place of residence knowing their current financial situation.

One woman by the name of Marisol is suffering tremendously due to these harsh laws. Her husband and her worked hard to make their monthly payments, and when the unemployment rate cost them their jobs they were unable to continue their payments. He then left her and their five children to fend for themselves. Marisol, in desperation, is currently seeking any help she can find to keep her and her children safe and sheltered.

People like Marisol spend their days standing outside the fourth largest bank in Spain, known as Bankia. They argue that these banks have already received over $29 million dollars from these houses they possessed, so it should not be necessary to continue to collect debts if they already made so much money off of the homes themselves. With the unemployment rate at 25%, these people have nothing to lose. They are hoping that media coverage will help put pressure on the banks to stop what they are doing.

There exist some groups that are mostly comprised of volunteers that fight for the rights of these people. Some legal experts are volunteering to offer information to the citizens of Spain to try and help them regain their homes. It is at times like these where the lawyers of our world are so important.

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13 09 2012
Jeffrey Hanenkrat

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15 09 2012
Noe Birdine

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4 01 2013

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Brian Linnekens

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