First hand experience report on Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade installation over Windows Vista Business

2 11 2009

1.)    Platform HP dual core Pavilion dv6000  — 2GB memory 120GB HD

2.)    The software recommended downloading a running the Upgrade Advisor, which I did.

  1. First thing it told me was that it wanted 16GB free space and I only had 15GB.
  2. It then recommended that i
    •   Un-Install Google tool bar

Which Windows 7 continued to see as installed even after removal

    • Un-Install SQL 2008
    •  Un-Install Trend  Micro
    • De-Authorize I-Tunes

Nice attempt on their part to prevent using up authorization tokens.  Which  would not go away even when I tried to de-authorize it

    • Upgrading driver to Intellipoint mouse/ keyboard
    • Indicated that the HP extra buttons on the laptop may not work afterwards

3.)    Had to download and SQL 2008 SP1 since 2008 Standard failed to load with an error.  – System did report incompatibility and advise that SP1 would have to be added after the fact but failed to install anyway.

4.)    Installation itself  took a long time  4+hours —  not counting the  SQL download and reinstall

    • Immediately after completing the system ran slower that Vista
    • Although the processor was not very busy.
    • After a couple of reboots and opening stuff the performance ratcheted up to faster that Vista Business – perhaps it w as indexing ??
    • Intellipoint keyboard extras no longer worked

This went off with little or no difficulty.  The software made reasonable demands and the patches to upgrade components were already in place and only needed to be downloaded.

This machine is a software development machine and has SQL 2005, SQL 2008, Visual Studio 2008, all of office, and hundreds of applets. and so far everything is up and running.  

All in all having previously upgraded this same platform to Vista Business and spending 3 days working with Microsoft to get it running again.   Windows 7 is an overwhelming success.



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