If Big is bad — why is cloud computing good?

28 10 2009

The general adage is that:

  • big corporations are bad
  • big government is bad
  • putting all you eggs in one basket is bad
  • monopoly is bad  – ask AT&T
  • no competition is bad
  • a single source of supply is bad
  • treating all your customers in locked step: my way or the highway is bad
  • being totally dependent on a single point of possible failure is bad


  • diversity is good
  • multiple suppliers is good
  • competition is good
  • treatment of each customer as a unique individual is good
  • not being overly dependent on others is good


Then why does putting all your data and all you business knowledge, being totally dependent on a select handful of really large multinational players, make any sense.  Sure its all about the money, economy of scale,  never mind that a  breach or failure results in millions people being at risk and yoru entire business being at risk.

From a technological point of view Clound computing sounds great.

But shouldn’t proprietary data should remain proprietary.  Not all businesses should/can  operate exactly the same and a couple of really large firms or the government should know all your business.

What do you think..?? 




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