New Business Technology puts the squeeze on Small and Mid Size Firms

17 10 2009

Using  technology  to cope with today’s ever changing business pressures varies with business size.

Current trends in business technology in general are smaller, faster, cheaper, free on the internet.

Business of all size are and have been rushing to get there.

  • Large companies throw together teams to investigate and implement technology to their advantage.
    • They have the benefit of large budgets and resource pools.
    • Maintaining their operations and customers is not a problem simply because of their depth of resources.               
  • Mid sized firms  can outsource for  limited adoption of technology
    • have more limited resources
    • operations and customer maintenance is not significantly affected because they can bring in some resources
    • can use “free” tools but typically do not want to host the “free” advertising associated with free tools
  • Small companies have to try to find a way to adopt new technology themselves or utilize so called “free” tools on the web.
    • have typically neither resources or money
    • have overhead and customers to keep happy
    • Have day to day operations/services  to maintain
    • Have to live with the free advertising to get the free tools
  • Start ups can carve out a niche and  spend hundreds or thousands of man days developing a specific solution that they can provide cheaper, faster, slicker.
    • Startups have little to no overhead and need only do one thing really well.
    • No current customers to keep happy. 
    • may have deep pockets if they are lucky enough to have an “angel”
    • on the down side they have little to no revenue

Two points can be made from the above observations:

  1.  So called “free” internet resources to adopt technology to your business are not “free”. The adage ” there is  no such thing as a free lunch” could not be more true. Utilizing free tools with or without the advertising takes paying for help to implement or hundreds of hundreds of hours  to first implement and configure and then constant on going attention to feed the content and or tweak the configuration .  Don’t get me wrong the internet “free” tools, and low cost services are great. but  they are in no way free.
  2. The small to mid- sized firms that create jobs and hire people are being squeezed by new technology more than the Large and startup firms.

We at AdvanTec Information Systems, LLC  recognize this and work with the small and mid- sized firms to help them adopt and adapt to new technology.



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