New technology — causes a new look at mobile business applications

10 10 2009

Historically business has wanted field deployed personnel to capture data at the point on customer interaction for at least the last 20 years.

There have been and continue to be many variations and ways of achieving this end.  To date all have been relatively expensive. 

They historically  broke down into three classes of use:

      Paper and transcribe

  • inexpensive to implement   ↑
  • costly to maintain – data transcription ↓
  • possible transcription errors ↓
  • latency — delay from collection to system input ↓

      Batch capture and upload

  • device expense  ↓
  • latency  – delay from collection to system input  ↓
  • communications availability  ↓

       Real time interaction

  • communications availability ↓
  • communications cost  ↓

 At the same time the internet has matured enabling direct customer involvement on the web reducing the need for field personnel in many areas / industries. (e.g. routine sales calls) 

Industries where the services are being performed (at least in part) by the field personnel still need mobile data devices.  (e.g route sales, home health care, inspection / estimation services,  delivery, field sales,  etc)

Time and technological improvements have vastly reduced the cost and availability of mobile devices and communications.  Thus causing a resurgence of interest in mobile solutions.

Now we can affordably combine the best of all of these improvements to provide Hybrid Mobile solutions that:

  • capture while offline  — costs ↓ 
    • notebooks
    • netbooks
    • pocket hotspots
  • are real time when connected online — counnications costs ↓ 
    • smart phones (blackberry, IPhone, IPod touch)
    • WIFI
    • 3G/4G networks
  • upload off line captured data whenever you go on line — communications avaialbility ↑ 
    • Public WIFI
    • Home internet widespread
  • and deliver local hard copy or on screen advices via the internet.  ↑

 Our ATEC2GO, AT-e-Commerce  and e-Server Modules enable these mobility solutions for our clients. Call one of our consultants or agents to discuss how AdvanTec Information  Systems, LLC can enable your field personnel and improve your process and bottom line.



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