High-Variety – Business Models: Provide high value to your clients.

8 10 2009

Manufacturing – Sales – Supply — Service

 High-Variety Manufacturing:

The term High-Variety Manufacturing refers to businesses that are in: mass customization, Job Shop, made to order, build to order, High-mix-low-volume.  These businesses have similar needs and issues: Job specific work orders, tracking, and variability in costs of goods and labor. My definition would not exclude standard made to stock operations – short and long run for the sake of completeness.

 High-Variety Sales:

It used to be that a firm did one or two modes of sales: Inside sales – Field Sales, Retail Stores – Cash-n-Carry, Wholesale – Standard: order- ship-bill, Supply Center – Counter Sales

 In today’ world companies need to be able to address many different modes of sales to keep up: Standard, Brokered, Counter, Retail, POS- Pick Up, E-Commerce, re-Supply, Special Order,  configuration, Remote/Mobile,  Affiliate Sales, Sales Agents, MFG Rep,  Job/Project,  EDI

 High-Variety Supply:

In like fashion firms that used to depend of a single of source(s) of supply are increasingly using: multiple vendors, manufacturing, contract manufacturing,  real inventory, virtual inventory, made to order, and logistics firms to a handle fulfillment.

 High-Variety Service:

Where a single work process used to accommodate work assignment and tracking now there can be a many different work order flow processes thorough out a company as well: Made to Order -MTO, made to Stock -MTS, Maintenance -MNT, Pick-UP-PUP, Deliver-DEL, Process -PRO, Refurbish- REF, Repair – REP, Service – SVC, Warranty – WAR, Install-INS, Engineer, Furnish, Install -EFI, Remove – REM, Assemble – ASS, Dissemble -DIS.

 Each firm may not need or do all of these but increasingly each firm is doing more and more of these.   

 Mid range firms, in particular, are being squeezed from the bottom and the top. One pony firms are nipping at their heels  by doing one thing and doing it cheaply to the exclusion of all else.  Big firms have the resources to provide all things to all people and are chomping off the top of the mid range market.

 Flexibility and adaptability are the key to economic survival, Small- Mid range firms need to have affordable tools to provide each and all of these modes of operations as needed to remain competitive and viable.  We all know that it is not about price alone, it is about value.

 Value = Price + Quality + Service

 Our Industrial Edition provides the tools, affordability, and flexibility to enable your business to provide high Value to your clients.




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